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    I’m a little excited! A couple of friends I went to school with are getting married this weekend, and they’ve asked me to be the videographer.

    What’s cool about Hailey and Micah’s wedding is its location: they’ve booked the chapel at the Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum in Jackson (which is also the National Agricultural Aviation Museum – something I’m partial to. You can check them out here). It’s great timing too, because the Ag Museum has a nice rose garden, plenty of trees, and a really cool general store that will lend well to photos and video. The video should look great with the late afternoon sunlight!

    Their wedding ceremony will be in the chapel that has several windows that let in plenty of natural sunlight. Photos with the family will be after the ceremony and followed by the reception.

    Besides the location and the timing of Hailey and Micah’s wedding, I get the opportunity to work with Amy Lindsey again. She’s a photographer from my home town and the person who took the photo featured above. The last time we worked together was at a friend’s wedding in Kosciusko. You can check out some of her work here.

    I look forward to their wedding and will follow up with a post later.


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