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    While Alber Videography was created to focus on weddings and events, our business has grown a lot in the last few years and we’ve begun exploring new ideas! So while weddings will continue to be a part of what we offer, I’m happy to share these exciting new options!

    1. Engagement Cinematography Sessions
    2. Baby Announcements
    3. Gender Reveals

    In addition to these cool new options geared toward individuals, we’re also offering new services for small businesses in our area:

    1. Small Business Profiles
    2. Social Media Campaigns
    3. Increased Web Presence
    4. Content Creation

    Videography Isn’t Bad – It’s Just Specific!

    Because Alber Videography, LLC was created to focus on weddings and events, including the word “videography” seemed natural – after all, most brides look for “wedding videographers”! But now that we’re diving into other markets, especially the business to business market, we feel like “videography” is a little out of place.

    It’s a little too specific.

    With that in mind, we’ve decided to re-brand our business to better reflect what we’re about!

    Effective September 15, 2013, our new name will be “Take One Media, LLC”

    I hope you like the name as much as we do! While I’ll save the reasons why we chose the new name for now, I’ll let you know that it took a lot of searching. I really think the name reflects the vision for where we want the business to go, and where it’s been.

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    One More Thing…

    Thanks for helping our business grow over the last few years! It’s been a huge blessing to my family and I look forward to the days ahead!

    -Nathan Alber




    1. I’m a bride and I need to make a payment… who do I make the check to?

    No problem! As before, you may mail checks to the same address. So I can avoid problems at the bank, checks should be written to: “Take One Media, LLC”

    2. What’s going to happen to this website?

    I’ve setup a new website and it will go live in just a few days. If you’re one of my brides, your videos will port over to the new website. In the coming days, nathanalber.com will either forward to the new website or I may decide to blog or something… who knows! I encourage you to join my mailing list so you’ll be one of the first to know when the new site goes live to the public.

    3. Will this affect my contract?

    Not at all. If you’ve already made a contract with “Alber Videography, LLC”, nothing will change other than our branding and the name on the check.

    4. Are you still doing wedding videos?

    That’s a great question! While the business has a new name, Take One Media, LLC will still do weddings on a smaller scale.

    5. What do you mean by “smaller scale”?

    In 2013, Alber Videography shot video for 12 weddings between January and July. As you can imagine, shooting those 12 weddings took a lot of time away during the weekends. Not to mention all of the time it took to edit them! We’re only going to accept a small number of weddings going forward to achieve a better work-life balance.

    6. If you can’t shoot my wedding video, who can?

    That’s a great question too! There aren’t many wedding videographers in the Jackson, MS area so it’s actually kinda difficult to answer that. However, I partner with a local videographer who has tons of experience and is highly talented at what he does.  You can visit www.artinmotionfilms.com to see some of his work and make an inquiry.

    7. What if I have more questions?

    No problem! Just get in touch with us via the contact form on the homepage and let us know what’s on your mind.

    8. I’m a business owner. How can I find out about the services you offer?

    As soon as the new website goes live to the public, you’ll be able to see some of the services Take One Media will provide. In the meantime, be sure to join my mailing list so you’ll be one of the first to know.

    9. Seriously, I can’t wait… what types of business services will you provide?

    Well, if you can’t wait, Take One Media will provide media services for small businesses aimed at building better engagement with your customers and helping your brand grow. Think of Take One Media as your own “media department”.

    10. When does this take effect?

    The name change will take effect September 15, 2013. The new website will be made public shortly. You can join my mailing list to be notified when the new website goes live.

    11. Where else can I get info?

    The number one, absolutely, above all, hands down, best way to stay informed is to join my mailing list . But you can look for a Facebook Page to be updated in the near future as the transition takes place. You will be able to “like” our page and share it with your friends.


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